KAISHINDO’s Selections of Taste


Beginning with our standard gems, we have other delightful flavors such as walnuts and sesame, along with seasonal options.
Find the one that suits your tastes.

Using the sweetness of our HONNERI ★★★ as a standard, the following compares the sweetness of our offerings.
★★★★… Light sweetness
★★★★★… Moderate sweetness
★★★★★… Full-bodied sweetness
※ Calorie counts are for 100g of Special Molding, Medium Size or Small Size

KURONERI [ Black Cane Sugar ]

Using the flavors of black cane sugar, KURONERI is slowly and carefully kneaded and heated.This is KAISHINDO’s representative selection.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※283kcal

HONNERI [ Original ]

The manufacturing process and flavor for this traditional gem has been kept throughout the years. Enjoy the deep flavors of AZUKI.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※292kcal

SHIRONERI [ White Beans ]

Carefully selected white beans are slowly and carefully kneaded over a fire. SHIRONERI is the perfect companion to green tea.

Sweetness ★★★★ ※287kcal

TSUBUKURI [ Chestnut ]

Whole chestnuts are placed inside bean paste made from high quality AZUKI. The flavor of the AZUKI and the texture of the chestnuts are exquisite.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※290kcal

KURUMI [ Walnut ]

A generous helping of domestically produced walnuts is placed in white bean paste. These fragrant and flavorful KURUMI are popular.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※306kcal

OGURA [ Mixture of mashed and whole beans ]

Carefully selected high-quality AZUKI are cooked carefully with whole beans added one at a time.The secret arts produce this refined taste.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※288kcal

MACCHA [ Green Tea ]

Aromatic powdered green tea is added to white bean paste for a full, rich flavor. The scent of the green tea brings peace to your soul.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※288kcal

KURI-KININ [ Golden Chestnut ]

Our vaunted gem from which you can enjoy the taste of chestnuts wherever you cut it. This is a luxurious YOKAN we highly recommend for the chestnut enthusiast.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※283kcal

GOMA [ Sesame ]

This item features sesame paste kneaded over a fire along with white bean paste. The aroma of sesame envelops you.

Sweetness ★★★★ ※304kcal

SHIO [ Salt ]

An exquisite balance of sweetness and salt.
It is characterized by its refreshing aftertaste with a moderate sweetness.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※288kcal


An exquisite combination of sweet and sour blueberries and white bean paste. Even the aftertaste is refreshing.

Sweetness ★★★★★ ※295kcal